High Quality Teeth Whitening Orange

Kite Street Dental is a fantastic group of dentists in Orange, Australia. It was opened by Dr Francois Bothma and is now run by Dr Francois Bothma, the principal dentist and Dr Mark Bennett, the associate dentist. They offer many different services and treatments here including general dentistry, emergency dental care and teeth whitening. They are made up of a team of friendly, hard working staff who like to use a customer service orientated approach when dealing with patients. Dr Francois Bothma graduated as a dentist from the University of Stellenbosch, he began his career in a private practice; he has always had an interest in dentistry. His special interests would include cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and orthodontics. Dr Mark Bennett, he graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelors Degree of Medical Science. He wants to be able to keep expanding the list of treatments which he can offer. Don’t forget to learn more about teeth whitening orange dentists.

They offer a teeth whitening service as even the brightest smile can fade over time due to things such as coffee, tobacco and soft drinks gradually staining and discolouring the teeth; therefore removing the shine. At this dentist orange they will customise a procedure which will leave you with a whiter smile, this will help to boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. They offer a jaw ache treatment; this treatment is specifically provided by Dr Bothma as he has received extensive training in neuromuscular dentistry and the treatment of TMJ. It is usually caused by the Temporomandibular joint and the muscles which are used in chewing; it is caused y the muscles becoming irritated. They also offer bridges as one of their general dentistry services, these bridges can help to restore your smile, they are both a reliable and long-lasting treatment for if you have missing teeth. The bridges can be used to replace one or more teeth; they consist of two porcelain crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap and a replacement tooth. They are cemented into place; they can improve facial structure and even enunciation. Dental implants are the small posts which would be placed below the gum to act as the roots of missing teeth; this means they can then fit an artificial tooth which will match your current teeth to provide you with a stunning smile all day every day. A dental implant can either replace one or multiple teeth; you can’t tell that it’s an artificial tooth. They also offer emergency dental care for reasons such as if you have an abscess, broken orthodontics or severe tooth ache.