How To Overcome Stuttering Permanently

Stuttering can affect people to varying degrees, can have different causes and is considered to be a serious speech defect. However, no matter how severe or mild the condition or the cause, there are methods that can be used to learn how to overcome stuttering permanently.

1. Relaxation Techniques

Stress and anxiety are leading causes of stuttering and can result in a vicious cycle. The more a person stutters, the greater their anxiety and tension will be and therefore the more they are likely to stutter. There are a range of relaxation techniques that can be used to relieve this stress and anxiety. Simple breathing exercises and meditation can help relax, unclutter and focus the mind.

2. Visualization

There are a couple of visualization techniques that are useful in learning how to overcome stuttering. Visualizing speaking fluently can build confidence and prepare the mind for public speaking, social interactions or just an everyday conversation.

Picturing a word or sentence in your mind can also help to stop stuttering. This type of visualization technique can become natural after a time, bypassing the stutter to cure the problem permanently.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Most stutterers are less likely to have a problem speaking when they are on their own. This is a good time to practice speaking fluently, preferably in front of a mirror where you can see yourself speaking fluently. Try speaking in a sing-song voice or singing a word that you struggle with and watch as your stutter magically disappears.

It is also a good idea to practice both the visualization techniques as well as mind relaxation strategies so that these may come more naturally in the future.

Some techniques to overcome a stutter will work instantly while others may need to be repeated and practiced in order to successfully stop stuttering.