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Three Questions To Ask Before Starting A Personal Trainer Course

I do get asked a lot of questions about personal trainer course. I tend to come across people who are looking to get into the industry but don’t know where to start. Based on my experiences of speaking to a lot of personal trainers. I believe the following three questions are great to ask yourself before investing a personal trainer course.

Where do I train?
This another choice to make about whether you want to study at home, go to a gym every few months or do the great option. It depends on how you learn and how quickly you want to pass. I did my courses at a gym with some work at home, and it helped me because I was around other fitness professionals. I would recommend going for an intense course where you in a group (cost and time permitting)

What do I want to do with it?
This is a great question to ask before the course itself. If you want to be a freelance personal trainer, then is it a good idea to get the marketing element of the personal trainer course? I would say it is. Most of the technical stuff I did was gym based, and now I am a freelance trainer, so I am glad I got the training in different environments qualification as well. I would certainly recommend having a good think about you want to do with this qualification before signing up to anything. After all, that you don’t use, you lose!

Basic Guide to Personal Trainer Courses


There are quite a few different options for studying for personal trainer courses. You can either study in a formal college or instead you can choose to study online. Studying for these courses online is what most people will want.

There are lots of reasons to consider studying online, the most common reason is that it is so flexible. When learning online, you can quickly hop online whenever you have any available time. You can access the course 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even if you just can’t sleep, you will still be able to log in and learn something new.

What will you Learn?

There are lots of different thing that you will learn when you register on personal trainer courses. These include the types of diets which work best for different kinds of people, and also an essential look at the exercise regimes and how they can be used to help you lose weight.

Losing weight is easy if you know how. With the few simple tips that you learn in the course, you should find it very simple to shed the pounds and to keep them off too.

In conclusion, I know that more and more people are looking into the possibility of becoming personal trainers and there are plenty of options out there. If you are watching a course, I would recommend doing a lot of research and ask plenty of questions before you start!